"Ich arbeite heute Abend."

Translation:I am working this evening.

January 27, 2014

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why is " I am working today evening" wrong?


That's not a proper English sentence. You can however say "I am working this evening."


Why is "today evening" not proper English? Just curious.


That is a very good question; I've never thought about it before, and I don't know the answer. You can say "tomorrow evening" or "yesterday evening"; you can say "today, in the evening"; you can say "today's evening" when talking about an event in the evening; but you cannot say "today evening".


I work today's evening was not acceptable either... Is it my mistake or Duo's?


Contrary to what Pfiff wrote, I would say that “today’s evening” is wrong.

Either “this evening” or “tonight”.


Today - may refer to any portion of the day: morning, afternoon, or evening.

e.g. "I am going to the dentist today." (could be any time of day)

Evening - denotes some time late in the day.

e.g. "I am going shopping this evening."

It doesn't make sense grammatically or logically to include both 'today' 'evening' in the same clause.


It's not a question of logic, as Pfiff's answer demonstrates (with "yesterday evening" and "tomorrow evening", and don't forget that any name of a day of the week can be used with "evening" as well). It's simply a question of custom. We don't say it because we don't say it.

It may be influenced by the fact that "this evening" is commonly understood to be today's evening in English, so we have a meaningful phrase that works, and that pushes out the "today evening" alternative, whereas with the phrases incorporating the other days we have no meaningful substitute to take their place.


"Today", whilst denoting the whole day also has strong connotations of being day time (when the sun is up). Without any information other than "today", it is accepted that you are referring to the day time. So the term "today evening" doesn't go together well. Similarly, it is also accepted that unless it has been stated otherwise, the day in question is always the present day. So, "today evening" also sounds redundant. Just using "evening" would have been taken to mean that you are referring to the evening of this day.
"Today I'm going to the dentist" - during daylight.
"In the evening we're going dancing" - present day.
"I'm working tonight" - during the night, typically present day, however "tonight" can also refer to the whole blanket of night until sunrise.


yeah that's not a proper english sentence


And it says this evening is also wrong.


So both 'heute Abend' and 'heute Nacht' can mean tonight?


That makes sense, since Duo's an owl!


Does Heute need to be in this sentence?


Yes, since it is referring to the evening of today. if you remove the 'today', you can't tell which evening this sentence takes place in.


Can I say: "Ich arbeite heute Morgen"?


Yes, if you are talking about today's morning.


What's wrong with " I work at today's evening"?


That isn't proper in english


Badly set correct answer. You test if I understand what "heute Abend" means. Not if I know the perfect English expression that a native English speaker would say. You test German. Not English.


Duolingo is a stupid computer. It can only match answers against lists of acceptable translations. It doesn't actually understand English or German.

So if an answer doesn't appear on the list, it will get rejected.

The lists can't contain all possible non-native-speaker mistakes -- that would make them enormously huge.

If you need leniency, there's no substitute for a real human teacher who can actually think.


Earlier DL said heute = now. Could an acceptable transaction be "I am now working tonight."


I don't think so.

Where it could translate as "now", I believe the sense would be more like "nowadays", which wouldn't work in your sentence along with "tonight".

Your other problem with respect to this sentence would be that if "heute" were "now", you would be missing a word in the German sentence to clarify that it was "this evening" (i.e. "tonight" in your sentence) that you were talking about.


"I am working today's evening" would be the literal translation though, right? I understand that it isn't proper in English though.


No. If you're being literal, then "I work today evening".

There's nothing in here that would correspond to the possessive 's.

Also, the fact that heute is lowercase shows that it's considered an adverb -- and those don't have possessive endings anyway. i.e. it's not the noun "a today" but just the adverb "today".


No, it says "I work this evening"


Why not 'Heute Abend' vs heute Abend?


Why not 'Heute Abend' vs heute Abend?

Abend (evening) is a noun and is therefore capitalised.

heute (today) is an adverb and is not capitalised.


Hm, it can be translated literally on Russian as "Я работаю сегодня вечером", when on English you have to use "this evening".


Instead of "heute" could "dieser" be used"? Ich arbeite dieser Abend.


Instead of "heute" could "dieser" be used"? Ich arbeite dieser Abend.


(Also, if you used it, you would need diesen Abend -- accusative of time. But that's simply not something we say in German: kind of like how "today evening" is simply not something we say in English.)

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