"Mae hi cynddrwg â fe."

Translation:She is as bad as him.

June 4, 2016

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Wait, why isn’t it ‘hi’n’ again?


(There is probably a more grammaticaly correct way of explaining this, but...) The particle cyn here is used to introduce a particular form and meaning of an adjective. mor can also be used in a similar way. You can think about them acting as a link between dw i, etc and the adjective rather as does yn/'n - you don't need both yn and mor/cyn.

Note that cyn gets embedded with a few forms of adjectives, as above. mor does not do that.

Note that the words cyn, mor also have other meanings and uses.


Should be accepting 'he'!


Not so, according to Dewi Lingo's 2002 copy of 'Longman's Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English'.

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