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"Onsdag bruger modellen svømmebassinet."

Translation:On Wednesday the model is using the pool.

June 4, 2016



why is there no preposition with wednesday? can we expect to hear this usage often


Uh, it should be om onsdagen, it is confusing now


If it is "om onsdagen", the model uses the pool every wednesday and it is a routine. But if "om" isn't used, this is not a routine and the speaker means that the model will use the pool next Wednesday. (according to a Danish friend's explanation)


Is this sentence emphasising on the day rather than the act? Otherwise it would be "Modellen bruger svømmebassinet onsdag" ?


As far as I know, you are right. But I am not a native speaker so I could be wrong.


Wednesdays she uses the pool / on Wednesday she uses the pool. Feel like there should be a lesson on "Time" section earlier


Can someone explain why "bruger modellen " and not "modellen bruger"


I believe it's because Danish is a V2 language (meaning, the Verb is in the 2nd position in the sentence).

So in a sentence including a verb, the subject and an object will be subject-verb-object.

But a sentence including a verb, subject, object and time will be either subject-verb-object-time or time-verb-subject-object (which is what this is), depending on what you want to emphasize.

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