"The man is washing himself in a bathtub."

Translation:Mężczyzna myje się w wannie.

June 4, 2016

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"Mężczyzna się myje w wannie"

Is this incorrect word order?


Theoretically, you can put 'się' on any side, but sometimes, one seems a lot better... "się myje" sounds a bit unnatural to me, but I believe that it's still technically correct, so added, anyway.

Actually, 'się myje' sounds to me as if your sentence was an answer to "Where does the man wash?"


I'm basing lots of my guesses on Slovak language, so I got a bit confused here, since we use się equivalent exactly opposite way. Generally, if it's answer on the question, it's after verb and when it's normal sentence, it's before.

Thanks for help


Why not "kąpie się"? Is it more like shower or something?


No, it is perfectly correct. "Myje się" works for both, "kąpie się" or "bierze kąpiel" for bathtub, "bierze prysznic" for shower. I'm gonna report it.


Hahaha, I've been using the wrong verb every morning :-D

Dziękuję bardzo!


After giving it more thought and checking a bit, I conclude that you are not wrong at all. Maybe it's still more often used for bath, but seems that it's perfectly okay to "kąpać się pod prysznicem" and even "brać kąpiel pod prysznicem".

Though 'kąpiel vs prysznic' will definitely be understood as 'bath in the bathtub vs taking a shower' (what is better, what is more economic, what is healthier)

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