"I've never been to Spain before."

Translation:Dw i erioed wedi bod i Sbaen o'r blaen.

June 4, 2016



The explanation indicates either 'erioedd' or 'byth' as a translation of 'never', but 'byth' is not accepted as a correct answer. Can someone clarify?

June 4, 2016


byth is used for present and past tense incomplete actions and for all future actions - that is, for the present, imperfect, conditional and all future tenses. erioed is used for past complete actions - perfect tenses in the past (with wedi) and the simple past.

  • Dydy hi byth yn mynd i'r Bala - She never goes to Bala
  • Doedd e byth yn prynu peint yn y dafarn - He never used to buy a pint in the pub
  • Fyddwn ni byth yn mynd yn ôl i'r caffi 'na - We will never go back to that café again.
  • Fydden ni byth yn mynd yn ôl i'r caffi 'na - We would never go back to that café again.

  • Dych chi erioed wedi aros mewn gwesty yn Sbaen - You have never stayed in a hotel in Spain

  • Doedd hi erioed wedi mynd i Abertawe cyn mynd i'r brifysgol yno - She had never been to Swansea before going to university there.
  • Chawson nhw erioed eu harestio - They never got arrested
June 4, 2016
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