"Whom does our daughter love?"

Translation:Kogo kocha nasza córka?

June 4, 2016



Whom does our daughter love? Also, who keeps comparing her to a summer's day?

April 9, 2017


Why is "Kogo nasza córka kocha?" incorrect? Does kogo always refer to the object of a sentence?

June 4, 2016


Puts the stress on 'loving' instead of 'whom', but seems acceptable to me. The main translation is pretty neutral.

June 4, 2016

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daveburke3- as of today, 05 july 2016, i wrote the same answer you did and it was accepted.

July 5, 2016


your answer was correct, you can say it, also "kogo kocha nasza córka" sounds more natural

July 31, 2016


surely this would translate to 'who loves our daughter' rather than 'whom does our daughter love'

July 10, 2016


Nope, it does not.

In "Kogo kocha nasza córka", our daughter is the subject, and 'kogo' is the Accusative form of "Kto" = "Who".

Your sentence should have "Who" as the subject, and therefore would be "Kto kocha naszą córkę", with the daughter being in Accusative.

July 10, 2016
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