"Napisałem bardzo długi list."

Translation:I wrote a very long letter.

June 4, 2016

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How would you differentiate here between "I wrote many long letters" and "I wrote a very long letter" besides "list" being plural in the former?


"Napisałem wiele/dużo długich listów".

In the original sentence you have Accusative (even if it looks like Nominative), but wiele/dużo would require Genitive.


Why is it napisałem when its a female voice ? ,


Disregard the male/female voice, they're random. We have no power to make a masculine sentence read by a man and a feminine one read by a woman.

You may treat it as just "someone reads a sentence that was written somewhere".


Załęże od konteksta- moźemy również używać tutaj czasu Prezent Perfect - I have written him...


"Zależy od kontekstu" :)

Możemy użyć Present Perfect, ale tutaj nie ma żadnego "him" - można za to napisać "I have written a very long letter".

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