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Tips and tricks on duolingo

Hey all,

I keep reading discussions/comments frompeople who complain about this or that not working well for them on the website, and quite often they just don't know of a keyboard shortcut or little trick that would make their lives a lot easier.

I couldn't find a discussion like this with the search tool, so here goes: let's share tips on how to use duolingo more efficiently or enjoyably!

January 28, 2013



Tip given when doing timed practice:

Whenever you have a question where playback is used to read you a sentence out loud, you can have it repeat by hitting the Ctrl key and the space bar simultaneously.

Moreover, you can trigger the "repeat slowly" option by hitting ctrl+shift+space.


Didn't know about the slow repeat option. Thx.


Oh thank you. Very helpful!


First of all, know that every type of question can be ansewered with the keyboard only, no mouse needed! That is to say, except you need special characters not featured on your keyboard, like é, ß, etc.

Multiple choice questions : use the "tab" key (third key from the top in the leftmost "column of keys", right above capslock, on -i believe- all types of traditional keyboards). It will move focus over all elements in the page, one after the other. The first three elements on the page are your choices. To select the one you want, while it has focus, hit the space bar. If you changed your mind, hit the space bar again. If you hit shift+tab while the 3rd choice has focus, you'll go back to the 2nd one, so you can easily face all situations without grabbing you mouse :)

That works with the new "choose the picture" type of questions too.

For the questions where you are asked to write the word corresponding to a set of picture: you get a dropdown list for the article first, then a text field for typing the noun itself. You don't need the mouse here either though! Just start typing the article, hit space -at this point the website selects the article you typed in from the list, provided you didn't typo, and focus goes back to the text field so you can seamlessly keep typing- and enter the noun.

Obviously, hit the enter key to "check answer", hit enter a second time to "continue" to next question. I'm afraid you have to go to the mouse for reporting an error or for checking comments, although that's not very disrupting on its own.


Nice thread! Another tip for multiple choice questions: You can select alternatives by pressing 1,2 or 3 on your keyboard as well.


Hoorah! Would you be Icelandic, btw? Or just like the name?


I'm Norwegian, but it's my real name:) It's a pretty common name in Norway too, but most often with an i instead of y.


It is a nifty name from either country! Can I ask which language you're Duolingo-ing -- or is that too personal? (I don't know what's okay in these forums.) Or perhaps you are one of the Duolingo team, she said ignorantly. (I'm trying French, because it's depressing I've forgotten what little French I learned years ago, and German just because I've always been interested.)


I replied on your wall, not to spam this thread:)


Check out the keyboard shortcuts in our Help section: http://duolingo.com/#/help

There are some good ones that few people know about.


Right there, on the help page. All the shortcuts. That's almost like hiding important information in the terms&conditions... Just kidding of course, i don't know how i never came accross to check the help.

But I have to say I'm a bit disappointed, I was expecting to learn more. I only didn't know the "1,2,3" trick (thank Eyvind!). For example, I'd love to be able to go around a bit easier in the skill tree page, or the translations pages (select next sentence to translate or the "rate translations" thing, etc.). Any chance there's stuff i missed there?


Is there some way using the keyboard to access the accented letters? In timed sessions it would be handy to not have to switch over to the mouse and then back.


You could download AutoHotkey and write a command like :*:b#::ß which writes ß whenever you type b followed by #.


This is so awesome i want to cry.


Use the U.S. international keyboard settings. After a little usage it becomes automatic.

Good link for finding and installing U.S. international keyboard. Copy and paste


Good link for instructions on typing French accents with U.S. international keyboard...Copy and paste


Works great for me. Surprisingly little practice is required for it to become natural.

Hope this helps.


I clicked on the http://duoling.com/#/help link as suggested by tylmurphy and couldn't not find the keyboard shortcuts. It's either not there or difficult to intuit where it might be. I have no idea where to find the great resource all of you are talking about here. Help!

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