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  5. "Il regarde les affiches."

"Il regarde les affiches."

Translation:He is looking at the posters.

January 28, 2013



He watches the posters... Why watch is marked incorrect?


I had he watches the posters, which may nlot be typical, but I do not think it should be wfong. It was though. I wouldvthink watches at would be kinda weird as "at" wiuld then be more like the location of where you are watching...


it says right in the translation that "affiche" means "display" as well.


i believe that "une affiche" means more like a flyer, and the poster of your favorite singer which you put up in your bedroom is "un poster".


I'm surprised that "he regards the posters" isn't accepted. Has the same meaning in English as it does in French, really.

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