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"My sister likes to talk with her cats."

Translation:Moja siostra lubi rozmawiać z jej kotami.

June 4, 2016



I use "ze swoimi kotami".


Which is definitely better. I would substitute this sentence with "swoimi kotami", but I am unable to, the form hasn't been introduced at this point.


"Swój" and its forms were introduced five skills before this one. Was "swoimi" not among them? It looks so familiar...


Yeah, apparently the course creators didn't introduce "swoimi" at all...


"Z jej kotami" is the default translation, but I used "ze swoimi kotami" Can anyone tell me which would be more commonly used? Is the use of swój falling out of fashion? I see the regular possesive pronouns used on here much more often than I see the reflexive one, even when the sentence seems as though the reflexive should be used.


I would personally use "ze swoimi kotami", it seems more natural to me. But both variations are grammatically correct.


It depends. If we are talking about someone's else cats is necessary to use "jej". If we are talking about her own cats both form are acceptable (z jej/ze swoimi) but I'd say "Ona rozmawia ze swoimi kotami". It's more natural.


Sorry to say, can only see the first half of the sentence in the exercise


Can you provide a screenshot? I have never heard about anything like this...

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