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Microphone stops working mid-lesson

When I am using the microphone for the lessons it just stops halfway through. I don't even get an error message or something like 'Try speaking slower'. I click on record, say the sentence, click stop but there is no recording there. As if I never said anything. As said: this happens suddenly. It works perfectly fine for one or two exercises but then nothing. Is anybody else having these problems?

(I'm using Firefox)

January 27, 2014



I have reported this twice, and gotten back just ridiculous boiler plate answers from support

This is the issue where, on a "speak what you hear", DL refuses to score it.

I have just discovered a work around: I simply switch to a different tab in my browser, and DL INSTANTLY scores it!


I have the same problem. I will have to try that next time! I can turn off the microphone, but that's no fun because I like doing the speech exercises.

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