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  5. "Roedd e'n rhad."

"Roedd e'n rhad."

Translation:It was cheap.

June 4, 2016



Could this also mean that "he was stingy" in the way "cheap" can mean stingy or miserly when it's applied to people?


Curious about RozieToez's question.

Also, "cheap" often has the connotation of "shoddy" -- is that the case in Welsh as well, or is it just a synonym for "inexpensive?"


Have a look in www.geiriaduracademi.org for some examples.

  • rhad - cheap, inexpensive
  • di-raen, gwael - poor quality, shoddy
  • tynn, cybyddlyd, crintach - tight-fisted, miserly


Can anyone explain why the masculine form (e) for it is OK here but wrong when stating that it’s sunny - Mae hi'n heulog?


Use e/o for things that are of masculine grammatical gender or for physical things of indeterminate gender - I'll post it, it's heavy, it's around here somewhere.

Use hi for things of known feminine gender, as 'it' for things that you cannot touch (specifically including time, distance and weather (it was midnight, it was a long way still to go and it was snowing), for abstract concepts and for hi gwag ('empty it') such as it was hard to get here, it was hard to believe, it was nice to be allowed out.


Thank you. I think I understand!


I would like the answer to this too. Why "e'n" here and not "hi'n"?


It's '....rhad.' not '....trad.'

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