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"Je ne peux pas boire davantage de bière."

Translation:I cannot drink any more beer.

January 28, 2013



In English, I cannot drink any more beer can have a different meaning than I cannot drink beer anymore. How is this difference expressed in French?


Here the sentence means " I cannot drink any more beer" as in I drank too much already. If you want to say the second meaning, it is "Je ne peux plus boire de bière." "Davantage de" means "more than what is already there"


I'm wondering the same. Is this sentence being spoken by someone who is too drunk to have more beer? Or is it a former alcoholic who can no longer drink beer?


Je ne peux plus boire de bière. Je ne peux pas boire plus (davantage?) de bière.

Albeit, I think the second sentence is a little awkward.


I can't drink beer any more? (any longer). I thougt davantage often had a time meaning.

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