"Bardzo lubimy ser."

Translation:We like cheese a lot.

June 4, 2016

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Why the translation "We very like cheese" is not correct?


Because 'very' doesn't work the way it works in Polish, to mean "bardzo" it has to be placed before an adjective or an adverb, not a verb.


I don't know if your question is about Polish or English, but if it's English then I have definitely heard people say "We very much like cheese" or "We like cheese very much" but possibly only in British English and thus I'm not sure of how informal either sentence might be.


"Very much" at the end was already accepted; I now added the other word order as well.


I don't know to other English speakers, but ''We like cheese so much'' sounds natural, unless there's another translation in Polish for this.


"Tak bardzo lubimy ser!" (because I see it as "We like cheese so much, that last week we made John Lennon's statue entirely out of cheese", I think such sentence needs some following, because of the 'so'.


It's a weird sentence in English but to my ears it is analogue to "I love you so much" - "we like cheese so much". Quite informal and probably not the most obvious translation for this sentence though.


Should bardzo be always before the verb? Can we say "Lubimy ser bardzo"?


No, it has to be "bardzo lubimy ser". Bardzo then a verb then a noun (Bardzo lubimy ser, Bardzo kocham Kasię, Bardzo nie podoba mi się jej spódnica). But if there is no noun but a pronoun, the order is bardzo then pronoun and only then a verb (Bardzo to lubimy, Bardzo kocham Kasię, Bardzo tego nienawidzę, Bardzo mi się to nie podoba)


It can also be "We really like cheese"


My answer should be correct. In English it woukd mean the same


None of us have psychic abilites that could help us determine what your answer was.

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