What is the Incubator?

This question hasn't been specifically asked a lot, but there have been lots of unnecessary inquiries about which languages will be coming to Duolingo, so I felt that I had to act:


The Duolingo Incubator shows you which languages will be coming soon, which are already here but in testing for errors, and which have already been released to the entire community. It is to prevent the frequently asked questions of which languages will be coming to Duolingo, as this question has been asked so many times in the discussions.


You find it in the discussion tab, right under all of the discussion sections. Clicking on "See new courses" will bring you there.


At the top of the page, there is an option to contribute to a course. This is only if you are very dedicated and feel that you can help. Below that is more what this thread concentrates on. There are three phases to the Incubator:

Incubation Phase 1: Courses not released yet

These are courses that are being created by contributors. You can see (the small wheel) how close the language is to being released to beta (Phase 2). You can also see how many people are helping bringing the language to Duolingo. You can go into further detail, such as who exactly is contributing to the course, by clicking on it.

NOTE: There are arrow buttons to view the other languages across from the Incubation Phase 1 area.

Incubation Phase 2: Courses released into Beta

The Beta courses are languages that are being tested by a few Duolingo users for errors. Beta courses are available to anybody who would like to use/test them. They should just be aware that there might be many correct answers which are not accepted, especially in the first weeks of beta. They can contribute to addition of these by reporting. This time, instead of a progress wheel, you see how many testers there are.

Incubation Phase 3: Courses Graduated from Beta

These are courses available to anybody. You don't need an incubator to view these. Like Phase 2, you can view the learners (although you may notice that there are many more learners than the languages in Beta) and contributors.

This is almost all you need to know about the Incubator. If you would like to remember it, you can copy and paste it into a document (not that you would care for my permission anyway ;) )

(If anyone sees anything wrong with my post, please tell me so I can edit it and make it a good guide for the Incubator :P)

Good luck with the Incubator!


January 27, 2014


You could even put in a link that leads to the incubator.

January 27, 2014

I told them how to find it, they can find it :P. That would be doing their work for them.

January 27, 2014

This post is great! Next time I answer one of the language request threads, I'm definitely going to link to this, thanks!

January 27, 2014

No problem ;)

January 27, 2014

Fantastic ^^

January 27, 2014
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