"Thirteen hours to the weekend"

Translation:Trzynaście godzin do weekendu

June 5, 2016

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Is there a better Polish word for "weekend"? I don't like using English for Polish.


No, "weekend" is a common word and is in use for a century or so.



There is no word similar to weekend in Polish. Look here (IMO the best on-line Polish dictionary) http://sjp.pwn.pl/szukaj/weekend.html if some words have common meaning ("synonimy") then you will find them there, on the left side of the page.


Sorry, I can't read a whole article in Polish. That's why I'm learning it here.


You do not need, just look for "Synonimy" on left side of the page.


Not even "wikend"or "łikend" ?? That's so strange that a language doesn't have its own word for something so common


Unlike what I've seen in Russian, Polish tends to keep the loanwords, at least the more-or-less new ones (okay, this here exists for 100 years) the way they looked like in the original language. "łikend" could perhaps be used when texting with your friends, but rather in a joking way, no one will even try to claim that it should be linguistically acceptable. "Weekend" and most of such words undergo Polish declension, but don't change their English roots.

For example, fejsbuk is something we may write quite often when actually writing something 'na fejsbuku' (or 'na fejsie', even), but there's no way this website is gonna be called differently than facebook in any text that at least tries to be serious.


So is it pronounced "wikend" or "łikend" in Polish?

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