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  5. "I wanted to clean here."

"I wanted to clean here."

Translation:Chciałem tu posprzątać.

June 5, 2016



Is there a good reason why "Chciałem tu sprzątać" is wrong? Isn't it just a different emphasis (on the action not the outcome)?


Sprzątać - stress the act of cleaning, posprzątać shere information about starting AND finishing cleaning. We call that "czasowniki dokonane i niedokonane".


Chciałbym tutaj czyścić?


Not really. First, "chciałbym" is "I would like" and not "I wanted". Then you have the imperfective "czyścić" which sounds as if you wanted to do it regularly, and not right now. So it kind of seems like you are applying for a job as a cleaning person. A perfective counterpart showing that you want to clean this place so it will actually be clean as a result is "wyczyścić". And still sound a bit strange with "tutaj", better with some specific thing that you'd like to wyczyścić.

But while "sprzątać"/"posprzątać" are very general, "czyścić"/"wyczyścić" only work in some contexts. They're good in the kitchen and in the bathroom, they're generally for removing some spots, some dirt. There are a lot of verbs for different aspects of cleaning and it's hard to explain them all unless on specific examples.


"Chciałem tu sprzątać" is an accurate translation.


Well okay, added.


I realize that both sprzątać and posprzątać are accepted, but I believe that each has a different connotation. Could someone please explain the difference?


I'd say that they're really the same... "sprzątnąć" sounds 'a bit more perfective', if it makes sense, so maybe it focuses even more on the room being clean as a result. "posprzątać" has this "po-" prefix that usually denotes 'doing something for a bit', but somehow I don't feel that it does so here.

I can imagine both "trochę sprzątnąć" and "trochę posprzątać" (maybe the latter is better) and they would mean "to clean a bit", so the room looks better but is not exactly "clean"...


why is poczyścić not accepted?


I'm not sure if I've ever seen this word being used. "czyścić" is rather "to clean" some surfaces than to clean the room, and the "po-" prefix states that you want to 'spend some time doing that'. That's not something I'd accept.

Yes, "posprzątać" is an exception from the 'spend some time doing that' thing that most "po-" verbs show. It can mean that, but it's also a basic perfective verb that means "to clean something succesfully".


"Chciałem tu wyczyścić" wasn't accepted. Sounds right to me. Or am I wrong?

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