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[deactivated user]

    Ok, so I have been using Memrise for a while now, and have recently started using Duolingo. I just wanted to share my thoughts on which is better, and find out what everyone else thinks!

    My first thoughts are that they are both pretty equal in terms of what they do, but that they do entirely different things. Both market themselves as a website for learning a language in a fun way, but I think that Memrise is not really that useful for doing that.

    For me, I use Memrise to learn vocab, as quickly as possible, and as well as I can. However, the problem with Memrise is that it doesn't teach any grammar whatsoever, and this means that you can't really learn a language properly.

    Meanwhile Duolingo is much better on the grammar side of things, but when it comes to actually learning the vocab, it really falls behind. This is because you can see the answers if you want to, and you never get to spend enough time really memorizing it.

    So, I would say that they are both pretty good at different things. If you have any views, just post them below

    June 5, 2016



    Duo and Memrise complement each other really well.

    June 5, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, I definetly agree with you. If you can find the right course then they work really well together

      June 5, 2016


      I use them both! As has been said above, they do compliment each other quite nicely. I would like to add Quizlet here, where you can make your own flashcards if you are on a mobile device.

      June 5, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        I have never used Quizlet, what exactly is it?

        June 5, 2016


        Well, after all Memrise's speciality is in making people remember things (although there are a lot more different ways to remember vocabulary) and Duolingo's - to introduce you to a language.

        June 5, 2016


        If I HAD to choose I would go with Duolingo. Memrise doesn't teach how the language works in any sentence forming way. Working with Memrise alone would require lots of reverse study on the translations. It would be like learning a language using only a phrasebook.

        Duolingo does fall behind on the memorisation of vocabulary, but it teaches how to form sentences and how the language works. This is completely necessary and is critical to learning a language well.

        Obviously they pair well together for being so opposite. I wouldn't be surprised if the founders of Duolingo partly designed the website to avoid competing with Memrise in vocabulary learning but rather focus on other things because the vocabulary tool Memrise already existed.

        June 6, 2016


        Maybe it could be good to learn on Duolingo AND Memrise at once!

        February 5, 2018


        I do this. It helps a lot!

        March 12, 2018


        I actually learned a LOT quicker using memrise

        May 13, 2017


        My question is what you learned quicker. My experience was that I memorized specific phrases better through repetition, but that I was not nearly as good at constructing and recognizing novel sentences.

        June 28, 2017


        Same. I'm learning faster from memrise too. Maybe its just the Spanish course.

        May 3, 2018

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