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    Ok, so I have been using Memrise for a while now, and have recently started using Duolingo. I just wanted to share my thoughts on which is better, and find out what everyone else thinks!

    My first thoughts are that they are both pretty equal in terms of what they do, but that they do entirely different things. Both market themselves as a website for learning a language in a fun way, but I think that Memrise is not really that useful for doing that.

    For me, I use Memrise to learn vocab, as quickly as possible, and as well as I can. However, the problem with Memrise is that it doesn't teach any grammar whatsoever, and this means that you can't really learn a language properly.

    Meanwhile Duolingo is much better on the grammar side of things, but when it comes to actually learning the vocab, it really falls behind. This is because you can see the answers if you want to, and you never get to spend enough time really memorizing it.

    So, I would say that they are both pretty good at different things. If you have any views, just post them below

    June 5, 2016



    Duo and Memrise complement each other really well.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, I definetly agree with you. If you can find the right course then they work really well together


      I use them both! As has been said above, they do compliment each other quite nicely. I would like to add Quizlet here, where you can make your own flashcards if you are on a mobile device.

      [deactivated user]

        I have never used Quizlet, what exactly is it?

        [deactivated user]

          Have just signed up, and while I see how it could be useful, it is not for me! Thanks anyway!


          If I HAD to choose I would go with Duolingo. Memrise doesn't teach how the language works in any sentence forming way. Working with Memrise alone would require lots of reverse study on the translations. It would be like learning a language using only a phrasebook.

          Duolingo does fall behind on the memorisation of vocabulary, but it teaches how to form sentences and how the language works. This is completely necessary and is critical to learning a language well.

          Obviously they pair well together for being so opposite. I wouldn't be surprised if the founders of Duolingo partly designed the website to avoid competing with Memrise in vocabulary learning but rather focus on other things because the vocabulary tool Memrise already existed.


          Well, after all Memrise's speciality is in making people remember things (although there are a lot more different ways to remember vocabulary) and Duolingo's - to introduce you to a language.


          I actually learned a LOT quicker using memrise


          My question is what you learned quicker. My experience was that I memorized specific phrases better through repetition, but that I was not nearly as good at constructing and recognizing novel sentences.


          Same. I'm learning faster from memrise too. Maybe its just the Spanish course.


          same here, Memrise is superior in every way including Grammar, at least for me. Furthermore, just the fact you don't have to type translations saved a lot of frustration as duolingo is truly terrible in this area


          I think with tinycards it's way simplier than it was before! Although I like the memrise pronunciation very much, while I had to turn of Duolingo's sound 'cause I don't want it's weird accent... So I mainly use memrise because of this, and I really miss the whole sentence prectice from Memrise, without it it's waaay more harder for me to remember the words. Actually I first learn the words by using tinycards and then go and do the duolingo lesson, this way I am already familiar with the new words and only the grammar is new, while I also practice the words throughout the lesson. So I often change between tiny and duo to make sure I do the best I can to learn the new vocab.

          [deactivated user]

            Hmmm... learning the words with TinyCards and then doing the Duolingo lesson? That's actually a great idea. Thank you so much. :)


            This is late, but I prefer Memrise over Duolingo. You're right on the grammar thing, which is why I use duolingo. I'm learning German with both right now. Memrise helps you recall words faster and not forget them, while Duolingo teaches you grammar, has bots and could even teach you how to flirt. Though the pronunciation of words is a little off on Duolingo.


            I just tried Memrise and liked it very much. It was fun to hear different Italians pronouncing the words. My pronunciation had been way off with some of the words. I will definitely use both that site and Duolingo together.


            you are right.even i feel that too:D...but memrise is easy to learn..


            Well I think Duolingo is more for a long-term language learning website, whereas Memrise is for quickly learning the basics of a language. I am currently puzzling over whether to use Memrise for some basic Spanish; hence typing up this exact question on Google!


            I agree. I like Duolingo for the most part but the Google Voice-like pronunciation of words doesn't help.


            Maybe it could be good to learn on Duolingo AND Memrise at once!


            I do this. It helps a lot!


            Duolingo doesn't teach grammar either, at least not in Spanish. I've had to learn grammar elsewhere. Memrise does a better job at native pronunciation and remembering vocabulary words and phrases. Duolingos google voice like pronunciation is terrible.


            The notes are there on the website, but you might not see them in the app. They're also available here:



            I can say that duo is way more better


            Very enriching to read that, thanks a lot for all that argumentation.


            I've been using both for more than a year and I'd say they complete each other very well. A plus to Memrise is the access to thousands of courses that focus on more specific aspects of the language, and access to hundreds of languages, I've been able to learn a bit of Icelandic there. I'm learning Spanish on both, and I like Memrise for the accent (I want to learn Castillan) and the videos. Duolingo is great to go deeper. So, instead of opposing them, use both! :)


            I'd take memrise over duolingo anytime- user-made courses cover the "grammar" aspect well enough.


            I agree that you don't have enough time learning the vocab on Duolingo. I do enjoy the new update, but you can't go back to previous lessons and learn the few verbs you are still stuck on. You have to go through ALL of the words in a skill's level before you can go back to the first words you still don't remember in the beginning. Although this is a bummer, I am VERY grateful for the "Tips and notes" section that comes with most skills in almost (or all, not sure) languages on Duolingo. It helps with grammar A LOT and I don't think I'd know as much of the languages I'm learning at all without it. :)


            I've been using Duolingo a lot in the past and later switched to Memrise which helped me a lot with vocab and phrases that are really useful. I love the short videos with natives pronouncing phrases and it helps memorize better. But unfortunately, some options have been restricted to the premium version over time. I've already paid for Babbel (which explains grammar well btw and teaches vocab as well) so I'm kinda hesitating if I wanna pay for Memrise, too (especially since I'd probably drop it after some time) but well, for now I gotta stay with free versions of those three apps :D


            would you say you prefer Babbel over Duolingo and Memrise?


            Babbel is slooooow, bores me to death, plus short term repetitions over long term ones. Memrise isn't really very good, it's just that it keeps on throwing back things you already know to such a high extent that it makes people feel like they're doing really well while in reality they haven't progressed all that much but have rather just been repeating the same things they already know over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.


            Thought I would leave a reply here since I finished the Spanish tree on Duo a few months ago and am now working through Memrise.

            I can only comment on the official Spanish course on Memrise. So far, I am not that impressed by Memrise. I have just reached the third course but given a choice between Duo and Memrise, I am really glad I did the Duo course first. For a complete beginner as I was (and still am really), I would have got really frustrated with Memrise if I had done it first.

            Duo is not perfect, but it does have a kind of structure that you start with easy learning to gain some confidence. Memrise I found was just all over the place and starts fairly complicated. Although there is some useful stuff in Memrise, some of it I would not expect to be in a beginner category.

            Memrise has the ‘learn with locals’ section which is obviously good for hearing original spoken Spanish, but for a beginner extremely frustrating at full speed and you cannot change the speed. I appreciate this is real life but gaining confidence and feeling you are getting somewhere is very important when you start to learn a language.

            I will complete the whole course but for anyone starting out, I would, without hesitation, recommend Duo first and then move on to Memrise as a different perspective in learning.

            Both have an offline mode if you pay for them (which I did), but I found both apps pretty poor in this respect (I can only comment on the Android versions). Duo predicts what you are going to do offline and you cannot specify what to download. I did most of my learning with no internet connection. But at least with Duo, once you manage to get the skill you can progress through pretty much trouble free.

            Memrise is awful in offline mode. It lets you select what to download, but even though you have downloaded the lesson, it still seems to want to go to the internet when you start it up causing freezing of the app and sometimes crashing. A few times it has got so bad I just gave up with it so I am not progressing through Memrise as fast as I did Duo or as effectively.


            I share your opinion.

            Memrise is great for learning premade sentences, but it's hard to be able to speak out of it. And actually even with repetitions, it's harder for me to actually remember in the long term. Duolingo suits better for that in my case.

            Though, as other people said, the combination of the two is really interesting.


            I prefer Duo over Memrise, Memrise is super slow and boring. On memrise the same words get repeated like 1000 times and makes me go "stfu I already know this word!!!".

            I think if you use Duo in a smart way it's better than Memrise. Memrise is waaay too high in short term repetition while repetition over a longer period of time is what's most effective.

            Through Duo I tend to remember 80-100% of words when I do a repetition of the exercise after ~12 hours and another one after ~24 hours. And this doesn't waste more time compared to memrise as Duo feeds you a lot more words in the same time spent. It's also a lot better for motivation as having to redo the same word 10 x on memrise is unefficient and boring.


            I thought this too, but if you know a word really well on Memrise you can choose to ignore it and they won't give it to you anymore. That helped me streamline the process.

            [deactivated user]

              I agree with most of your points, however I do think that memrise is better for learning the actual words, as unlike what you think, I think that duo doesn't spend enough time on each word. Also please try and give me maybe five more lingots, as I am very close to being able to get a bonus skill. Thanks


              Duolingo also build upon itself. You start with very basic words, then each lesson adds a little more words. This really helps you remember all the words you have previously learned.


              I agree they complement each other, almost symbiotic for some languages. Memrise (HTML, manufacturing, Excel, trivia, finance...) has more variety of subjects than Duolingo. The quality of the offerings on Memrise also varies more. I really like the ASL sign language on Memrise, it is an excellent platform for learning one word signs and short phrases, and I'm still using it now that I'm taking a real life class.

              I was disappointed with Chinese on Duolingo - HelloChinese and LingoDeer are both better, IMO.


              That's a big difference


              I prefer using Anki xD


              I use both and the course I am taking on the two learning platforms are so far pretty similar. Some words I first encounter in Memrise and some in Duo. Personally I think the two really compliment each other. I also like the app from Memrise a lot better so if I want to learn while traveling I use Memrise and when on my laptop I use both.


              i think they are all the different than each other so i dont compare them but duolingo is much closer for the learning a new language but memrise mostly for practise ur already own-know language


              Both are really useful.

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