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"Jego siostra rysuje gorzej niż on."

Translation:His sister draws worse than him.

June 5, 2016



"Than he" and "than he does" should both be accepted


I agree. I don't think "than him" is grammatically correct.


It's seen as being acceptable nowadays. Object pronouns (him, them) after "than" in comparisons are used widely.


I don't believe "than he" is technically correct, it should be followed by a verb - so "than he does"


Actually, "than he" without the verb is technically correct, but not natural. It's more natural and far commoner to include the verb after the pronoun.


It's natural, just going out of favour.


You are correct. "than he" is correct, "than him" is not correct. This is a common misconception in English. https://www.grammar-monster.com/lessons/than_I_me_than_he_him.htm


I don't think the version with "does" should be accepted, that's adding an extra word not present in the Polish sentence.


His sister draws worse than him (can?) Terribly wrong! Should be worse than he!


'Literally zero results' is a well-placed piece of journalese. I'll have to check with my American friends whether draws worse is part of their common parlance. For me, 'draws worse' doesn't work in written UK English. I'd better return to struggling with Polish. Thanks and best wishes - stay safe and keep well.


Most wrong is draws worse. Worse is a comparative of bad but draws bad would be draws badly - even more badly is not great English but worse is totally wrong.


Actually, worse is also the comparative of badly so it's fine.


In terms of British English usage 'draws worse' is bad English. The solution would be to say 'more badly' - clumsy but at least grammatically correct.


Not according to this British dictionary. Like I said, it's also an adverb so the Duolingo sentence is grammatically correct.



The examples given in the dictionary are in common English usage but I don't think that applies to 'draws worse' even if it were to be grammatically correct. It's not polished English - but as I already have polished English I shall just continue to fulfil my aspiration of acquiring polished Polish.


There are literally zero results in the language corpus for "VERB more badly than". Probably due to the fact that almost every major internet dictionary we checked classified "worse" as the comparative of "badly".

Those unhappy with "worse"can also use "less well" here.

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