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  5. "Mae hi'n chwe munud i naw."

"Mae hi'n chwe munud i naw."

Translation:It is six minutes to nine.

June 5, 2016



Is there a reason why the course seems to be preferring the shortened version of numbers instead of their full spellings?


chwech and pump both drop their final letter in front of nouns:

  • chwe munud
  • pum munud

(If you see examples of pump, chwech used in this beta version of the course which have not dropped the -p, -ch it is because the corrected sentences are still waiting to be made live by Duolingo.)


I wrotr 6 and 9. It normally allows numbers


The course does not usually accept digits for the Welsh answers, only for the English translation. This is do that you can learn and practise the Welsh words for the numbers.

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