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  5. "I think it will rain today."

"I think it will rain today."

Translation:Pienso que lloverá hoy.

January 28, 2013



When you use "ir + a + infinitive" as a future, you need the "a" after the conjugated ir.


Would it mean the same thing to say "Creo que..." instead of pienso?


"Creo que" is accepted.


I believe that "Creo que" means "I believe that". (a bit of the play on the words) In a casual way, I would say either of "believe" and "think" in an English sentence to indicate the same thought in this context. I just discovered something called The Visual Thesaurus today, (probably been lying around like a snake in the weeds for a while;)). I may test it on these words. Best regards to you.


Yes, and it is more common to hear "creo que".


Shouldn't the ir be conjugated into the subjunctive "ve" since it follows "Pienso que"? Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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