"It was our secret."

Translation:To był nasz sekret.

June 6, 2016

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Tajemnica means mystery? Why is the correct answer not "sekret"?


"Tajemnica" can indeed mean a mystery, but also a secret. Both "tajemnica" and "sekret" are considered 'best answers' (so that's why I see 'tajemnica' as the translation, the algorithm just chooses one randomly), but if you get the PL->ENG exercise, Duo will ask you to translate "sekret".

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Why is "To była nasza sekret" marked incorrect? "tajemnica" was marked as the correct word. But the previous question was "To była nasza sekret" which was translated "It was our secret." So, why is it incorrect when reversed?


Shouldn't it be "to był nasz sekret"?


tj1983 is right, and it clearly seems that Duolingo for some reason corrects your use of noun to match the pronoun, rather than the other way round. So okay, you may learn a new synonym, but that's still strange.


"The Imitation Game" po Polsku -> "Gra tajemnic"


Can the subject not be ten or ta? Has to be to?


Yes, it has to be "to" because it serves as the subject, it's not the situation when you have ten/ta/to as a demonstrative pronoun.

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