"I need a quiet place."

Translation:Potrzebuję cichego miejsca.

June 6, 2016

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Is something wrong with this: Potrzebny mi cichego miejsca.


I'm afraid that most of it :(

Miejsce is neuter, so the form of the adjective will be: potrzebne. And then, the 'potrzebne mi' construction takes Nominative. So the whole sentence will be "Potrzebne mi ciche miejsce" = "A quiet place is necessary to me."


Should my sentence, "trzeba mi cichego miejsca", have been accepted?


I really don't know... it's correct, but it seems rather old-fashioned to me...


Oh, okay. I wasn't sure. I was just trying to see if there was a difference between "potrzebuję" and "trzeba mi", but now you have told me that it is old-fashioned, so now I can stick with the former.

Thank you for your help, Jellei. :)

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