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  5. "Sadece yaşlılar ve çocuklar!"

"Sadece yaşlılar ve çocuklar!"

Translation:Only elderly people and children!

June 6, 2016



Could this be "Only Elderly and Children"? Is 'people' actually in yaşlılar?


"people" isn't inherently within it, but "elderly" by itself also sounds a bit odd. You could say "the elderly" though. :)


"Only elderly and children" was dismissed because "You need the article 'the' here". Yet, "the" was not available among the parts from which the phrase was to be put together, and the accepted answer "Only elderly people and children" does not carry the article either. I would have chosen "the elderly", had it been offered as an option, but did not think about it twice as so many DL English phrases "sound a bit odd".


"Sadece yaşlılar ve çocuklar!" Translation: Only elderly people and children.


Only the elderly and children. - Now accepted as another correct answer by Duo.

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