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  5. "Is the food tasty?"

"Is the food tasty?"

Translation:Ydy'r bwyd yn flasus?

June 6, 2016



why is there a soft mutation in 'flasus'? Because it's after 'yn?'

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Yes, this happens to every adjective after 'yn' but not to verbs.

eg. Ydy'r bwyd yn flasus? = Is the food tasty?

Ydy Megan yn blasu'r bwyd? = Is Megan tasting the food? (Does Megan taste the food?)


This is explained in the course notes, but you must use the web-based version of Duo to see them. It is worth going through them before you start each new section - we have written them to address the common questions that people ask about each topic.

A summary of the uses of yn and their different mutations is here


Could you say, "Yw'r bwyd yn flasus?"?


Not in this case - Ydy...? is the form used at the start of sentence for a question in the modern colloquial language.

You can use yw as part of other questions, though. For example:

  • Pwy yw/ydy e? - Who is he?
  • Beth yw/ydy hwnna? - What is that?
  • Sut un yw/ydy Dewi? - What is Dewi like?


The 'f' in flasus sounds a little too strong to me, should be more of a 'v' sound


Does i'r have to be ydy for a question? Are we not able to say Mae'r bwyd yn flasus? with a questioning tone?

(I'm curious if that would be ok, even if you don't intend allowing it on the course for being too colloquial or something.)


Ydy...? for the usual unemphatic kind of question.

If you wanted to ask specifically about the tastiness of the food, you would use an emphatic pattern:

  • Blasus yw/ydy’r bwyd?
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