"She and I are eating apples."

Translation:Ona i ja jemy jabłka.

June 6, 2016

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Would 'I and she' not be more natural in polish?


"Jemy jabłka" or "Jemy jabłka razem" would me natural.


Hm, do we use "ja" here to refer to I because it's happening in the present? In other sentences we use "mnie" and I'm trying to figure out the difference.


It's just part of the subject "She and I", as "She" is in Nominative, then "I" need to be in Nominative as well.


What's the difference between jedzą and jemy? I thought this was jedzą. Im sure its got something to do with the tenses but im confused. :)


Not with the tenses, it's still the beginning of the tree, we'll be only dealing with Present Tense for quite some time.

"jedzą" is 3rd person plural (they eat/are eating), and "jemy" is 1st person plural (we eat/are eating). Every grammatical person has a separate form of the verb.


jedzemy jabłka ?


I've just googled this word and it appears to be a not that uncommon misspelling of "jedziemy" = we are driving/we are going by car/train.


Why havent we used jedza


"She and I" is the same grammatical person as "we". But "jedzą" means "they are eating".


I agree. I'm sure the plain "Jemy jablka" sounds better Polish. Over here, even in English, the simple "We are eating apples" would be the more usual or colloquial phrase . "She and I are eating apples "would be a rather rare expression (and "I and she are eating apples" would sound horrible!)


We are not planning for sentences with "she and I" and similar to stay in this course for long. We agree they aren't the most natural and useful.

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