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  5. "No, they are not students."

"No, they are not students."

Translation:Ні, вони не студенти.

June 6, 2016



In Ukrainian, what is the difference in pronunciation and use of "е" and "и"? They seem to be the same to me here.


Listen carefully to the "и" in "вони" and to the "е" in "не." They actually sound very different when stressed. "е" is like English "e" in "men" and "и" is like "i" in "it," but more at the back of the throat. The unstressed "и" in "студенти" is really something in between "и" and "е."


I don't know IPA but е is pronounced like the 'e' in end. And и is pronounced like the 'i' in it. There are probably changes and more specific pronunciation rules but that's pretty much how they're pronounced


this should be accepted

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