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  5. "Masz krew na rękach!"

"Masz krew na rękach!"

Translation:You have blood on your hands!

June 6, 2016



duolingo after someone didn't take a lesson


Can this also be used figuratively? (You are responsible for someone else's suffering/death)


Yes indeed.


It's OK, I'm a doctor.


"You have blood on your arms" isn't accepted. Does ręce not also refer to arms? This confused me because I thought hand was dłoń. Thanks


Well, that's unidiomatic... but technically correct, added.

The vocabulary here is a bit confusing. Technically "ręka" is the hand (from the wrist to the fingertips), but in fact it's used for the whole upper limb as well. And "dłoń" should be the palm of the hand (only the inside), but in fact it's used for the whole hand as well.

And those 'in fact' usages are normal, everyday usages, not something that is 'just possible'.

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