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Spam in the Translations Section

I noticed while translating sentences at least one instance of someone translating the sentence as keyboard mashing or something (as in vqbveutk, not as in the word keyboard mashing). Just putting out there it'd be nice if there was a spam button? (I think it should be treated differently than a translation where someone seems to have at least tried...)

June 11, 2012



In that case, it should get a ton of thumbs-down votes, rendering it a poor translation, and thus having no influence.


Well I know that, but the only reasons I can think of for someone spamming the section is they are advertising (in which case they shouldn't be on here) or they really want to level up (without learning the language for some reason?), in which case they shouldn't be tempted to spam, because doing so would lead to it being marked as spam and not count towards anything, rather than be accepted and just be marked a poor translation. (Sorry if I am being incoherent.)

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