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Bonus skill decays every second day.

I unlocked the bonus skill level "Christmas" for the Spanish for English speakers module. After I completed the skill, it decays every other day. The past few week, I refresh it every time to get it back to full strength but then it decays again in 2 days like clockwork. This does not happen for regular skill levels.

January 27, 2014



Unfortunately this is because the vocabulary words don't cycle through your lessons practices (except under rare occasions), and if you use a vocab word for the Christmas section in another lessons you don't get credit; unlike other skills where if you practice él in one lesson, you get 'credit' for it, even if you weren't reviewing that particular skill.
The good news is, the decay rate does slow down. I haven't studied Christmas in 2 weeks, and I am still golden (I bought it when it first came out, and always immediately made it gold again). But, for this to work, you have to be very careful to get your answers correct and not peek (both these things will make the Skill decay faster).
Based on my other vocabulary decay rate, I think it bottoms out at 2 months. So, if you stay consistent, eventually you only have to practice every 2 months.

This is the way it should work. If its not working this way for you, move this thread over to troubleshooting and see if someone from the staff can help you out. You can also email support.


Agreed, mine don't decay nearly as often anymore, but in the begining they decayed every other day..

The bonus lessons are completly segregated from the other lessons, so you are not going to refresh them with "general practice" either.


Sorry, I should have posted it in troubleshooting to begin with. Thanks for your response.


This belongs in the troubleshooting forum. But yes, I have the same issue with Idioms.


My bonus idioms skill also decays quite rapidly which makes sense because I do badly at it, my main issue is that I feel the practice button should include the bonus skills, especially if that is the only thing that is decayed when you choose practice.


Thanks for pointing that out - this was my first time posting on the discussion forum. I'll repost it in troubleshooting.


I think you can just move it! ;)

yup, when you click "edit" you can choose "section"


Oops! Thanks again. I need to get a hang of this. :)


I've noticed the same for other purchased modules. It's probably just something that needs a tweak on the back-end.


Yes- I've noticed something similar for the German Bonus skill "Idioms." I think the Bonus skills still need a bit of refactoring.

1) The bonus skills definitely seem to decay faster than others. 2) Practicing those skills does not refresh them back to gold as fast as other skills do. 3) Looking at the vocabulary "Show all words in this Lesson" does not include any of the words that are specific to that skill (e.g. Holzweg, Daumen, Eimern).

Is this an issue that should be submitted to "Support," or is it sufficient to post it here?

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