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Spelling tests

I find that with some harder words, I lose hearts because I can't remember how to spell them. Especially new words are hard to spell. A spelling test section may be an idea for commonly misspelled words.

4 years ago



true ion no how you can do french but thinking about it

4 years ago

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I really like Quizlet for spelling.
It is a flashcard site, but they have a 'spelling' option.
You have to make the flashcards yourself (or search Duolingo French to see if anyone else has made some). When you pick the spelling option, you are given the definition of the word in English and you get to hear it in your target language (French). You have to spell it correctly twice in a row before it assumes you know the spelling. It has helped me a lot.

4 years ago

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I would also like this feature. I like that it gives me credit if I am close, but I would rather learn how to spell them correctly.

2 years ago