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  5. "Ona jest starym człowiekiem."

"Ona jest starym człowiekiem."

Translation:She is an old person.

June 6, 2016



"She is an old woman" - why not?


Not what the Polish sentence says.


But how about "He is an old person"?

"He is an old man" = "He is an old person". It's correct, isn't it?

Is a woman not a person?


But "man" is also used in the meaning of "human being", and not a masculine human being.

And of course "She is an old woman" is a more natural English sentence than "She is an old person", but that would need the Polish sentence to be "Ona jest starą kobietą".


"He is an old man" = "He is an old person" = "On jest starym człowiekiem" = "On jest starym mężczyzną". Right?

So, it must be like this as well:

"She is an old woman" = "She is an old person" = "Ona jest starym człowiekiem" = "Ona jest starą kobietą".

=> "My answer should be accepted" (c)

That's my opinion.


Thankfully, Duo also accepts "She's an elderly person" - common in the UK, at least. An American will have to confirm if "elderly" is used in the USA too.

"She is elderly" is an even shorter possible (untested) translation, though perhaps too inexact for Duo to accept.


"She is elderly" and "She's an elderly person" both work in American English.


she is old also works and a suggested answer 'she is an old man' is a bit ridiculous, no?


'she is an old man' is not accepted...


It probably was deleted after bloogy182's comment. It would be an a bit ridiculous sentence indeed.


And what about "She is an old woman"? If you say that "She is an old man" would be a bit ridiculous sentence indeed.

Czy kobieta nie jest człowiekiem?


this is complicated issue with both "man" and "człowiek" being complicated words.

"woman" and "kobieta" are almost 100% 1 to 1 translation.

But in English in some sentences "man" means "human being" and in some sentences means "male human being"

And while "człowiek" generally means "human being", it often means "this male human being".

But you know, some men think "kobieta nie jest człowiekiem" so you might want to clarify.


To nie jest bardzo dobrze.


Is "starym" used instead of "starą" because "człowiekiem" is masculine?


Yes. Although the sentence is about a woman, the noun phrase is "old person" and that on its own translates to "stary człowiek" (or possibly and more literally "stara osoba").

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