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  5. "Máy tính và bàn phím"

"Máy tính bàn phím"

Translation:The computer and the keyboard

June 6, 2016



So, does the word "computer" just refer to the CPU?


I'm not sure. But I did point out the origin of this word: máy tính (literally "calculating machine") refers to a portable calculator (as in "scientific calculator"). The word for "computer" used to be "máy vi tính" ("machine that can perform computing operations on tiny scale"?!)


That's very interesting. A lot of words for computer (including the English, of course) simply meaning calculating or counting machine, such as the Hungarian számitógép and the French ordinateur, of which the Vietnamese might be a calque.


Yeah. The age of computer came so fast that most languages could not catch up with proper word.


could this also be translated as computers and keyboards?

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