"El techo"

Translation:The ceiling

January 28, 2013



¡El techo! ¡El techo! ¡El techo está en fuego!


Thank you. That was very helpful and will help me remember el techo.


Yep I was being overly literal for humor's sake :)


Translation, [The ceiling! The ceiling! The ceiling is on fire!]


Does that mean me like?


Si'! It means it pleases me, similar to I like.


I think it depend if one is on the inside or outside of the house :) In Mexico I heard techo used for both roof and ceiling.


In México, we say "la azotea" for roof and "el techo" for ceiling.


This must be regional within México. 'La azotea' to me means a very specific style of roof.


Spanish teacher from Peru said techo is the word for roof and ceiling.


Im really confused


It depends donde you are.


Really the common usage is to mean "roof" not "ceiling"


Growing up, we used techo for roof and cielo for ceiling. This varies depending on where you are.


That is the case where i am learning Spanish, techo, roof, cielo, cieling. I think the reason they call it cielo is because when you look up at the cieling , you are looking in the direction of the heavens, and cielo means heaven, so thats where the word got its meaning most likely.


Are they the ones that are used in Spain?


I'm sorry, are what the ones used in Spain? If you mean which words do they prefer, I've heard that they prefer 'tejado' for all roofs and 'techo' for 'ceiling' in Spain. I'm used to only using 'tejado' for tiled ceilings, but apparently this is different in Spain. I don't think they ever use the word 'cielo' for describing a part of a house. This may vary by region in Spain as a few other things do. You'd have to ask people from all over Spain. In Latin America, usage varies, sometimes even within one country. You'd have to find out from the locals which words are preferred. Maybe Babella will come back to Duolandia sometime soon and give us a perspective from Spain.


techo. (Del lat. tectum). 1. m. Parte superior de un edificio, que lo cubre y cierra, o de cualquiera de las estancias que lo componen. 2. m. Cara inferior del techo, superficie que cierra en lo alto una habitación o espacio cubierto.

tejado. 1. m. Parte superior del edificio, cubierta comúnmente por tejas.

Techo 1. male. Top part of a building, which covers and closes it, or of any of the rooms that compose it. 2.male. Low face of the ceiling, surface that closes in high a room or covered space.

Tejado. 1.male.Top part of the building, covered commonly for tiles.

These are the official definitions.

I am spanish, I use techo for ceiling and Tejado for roof.


but I put ceiling :-(


So if the same word is used for both how does one know what is being said?


Context of the conversation. Or if it's in a book or something, the author would (hopefully) provide enough context so that the reader knows what is most likely being said.


Or it probably depends on the country. There are different words for the same thing in different Spanish speaking countries. For example, boy in Mexico is niño and in Argentina it's chico


Why has no one posted the translation for "...let the m-f'er burn!" yet? This comment thread has failed me!


Here in Colombia the word "el techo" is used for both - roof or ceiling.


The floor, the roof, what next, the garden??!!


Maybe it's one of those general words, and there's also a specific word. In English you can say spouse, or be specific about the gender with wife or husband.


Techumbre is also used for referring to roofs (plural)


Am i the only one who heard "El Ketchup?"


Mnemonic: the computer (tech) is on the roof (techo)


Not right place, by sometime I hate english language :( Why ceil is verb and ceiling is noun?? grrrr.


Ceil is a verb? I have never heard this word. I see what you mean about ceiling though. English is the worst.


I live in costa rica so learning spanish is important

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Until I worked on a roof and painted a ceiling I didn't care to know the difference between a roof and a ceiling. If my house had a simple tin roof, I might never figure it out....


These comments are very helpful. Thank you! :)

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