"You will never find me!"

Translation:Nigdy mnie nie znajdziecie!

June 6, 2016

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Nigdy nie znajdziesz mnie - is this possible?


In a song, or a poem... but that doesn't sound natural in normal speech.


Is there a rule that would allow us to know when to put the object pronoun before the verb and when after? I've been doing this Polish program for quite a while and only regularly get sentences wrong for word order. That would not be so frustrating if there were some way I coild improve, such as a rule about word order. Or is this just something one would have to learn by living in Poland, in which case I will stick to other languages it is possible for me to learn.


Is the sentence of Mascha335 "wrong" enough to be refused? What about: "Nigdy nie znajdziecie mnie"?


I think we accept too many 'unnatural, but technically not wrong' sentences anyway. I'd reject it.

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How bout now, Jellei? If we were to travel to Poland and we said: “Nigdy nie znajdziecie mnie!” ...while playing a game of hide and seek....would our Polish friends understand us? : )


Of course, just like they'd probably understand you if you used a wrong case or made some other mistake... but I don't even see many reports for it. If only I could mark an answer "This is not wrong, but a bit unnatural" while still accepting it, I would.

Generally this undergoes the 'don't put a pronoun at the end as long as you have another place to put it' rule ;)


"nie znajdziesz mnie nigdy" was not accepted. Correct version given as "Nigdy mnie nie znajdziesz!" For me it sounds like same meaning...


Acceptable... Added now.



Note that although your answer has been accepted, it is much more elegant, in terms of style, to say:

"Nigdy mnie nie znajdziesz!"

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