"Họ bật máy tính học tiếng Anh."

Translation:They turn on computers and learn English.

June 7, 2016


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they turn on the the computer. Implies many people turning on 1 computer. Is it to mean this way?

June 7, 2016


No. Unless there is a determiner (this/that) and there is no plural indicator (cái máy tính đó - that computer), this sentence should indicate a number of people turn on a number of computers.

June 8, 2016


"They" could also be "they/them/their" (unless there's a genderless designation?)

June 15, 2019


What is wrong with"they turn on the computers and study english"

September 18, 2018


Or "they turn on the computers and learn english" also wrong. In this case leaving out the classifier in english makes this sentence American and i am Australian. Duo needs to do some English lessons.

September 18, 2018


I'm Australian too but I don't think "They turn on computers and learn English" is natural even in American English. It needs some kind of determiner before "computers". Either "the" or "their" work great.

October 16, 2018


You should fix the audio on this one, it has a pretty big popping sound. I guess it's too late tho lol

June 1, 2018


Shouldn't it be "máy vi tính" specifying computer instead of just "máy tính" which can also mean calculator?

February 21, 2019
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