"I am not going to school today."

Translation:Nie idę dziś do szkoły.

June 7, 2016

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2 questions: Why doesn't "chodzę" work in this sentence? Why is "dziś" before "do szkoły"?


I'm lucky to have a Polish boyfriend, who I pester with grammar questions! He says:

"Chodzić means either to physically do the movement of walking (chodzić na palcach - to tiptoe) or a habitual thing (chodzę do szkoły - i go to school as in I attend)

Iść means to go in a general sense: nie idę dziś do szkoły means i am not going to school, not on foot, not by bus, not by car"

As for putting dziś at the end, usually in Polish the most important information is placed at the end of the sentence. So placing 'dziś' at the end is a bit like 'I am not going to school today' (out of all the days, today is when I am not going).


'nie idę do szkoły dzisiaj' is not accepted, though 'today' at the end sounds ok both in English and Russian. I wonder why it makes so much difference in Polish.


Why not "Nie jade dzisaj do szkoly"?


should be accepted


That was a multiple-choice question. I got it again at the end of the lesson and there I realized it actually said "Nie jade dzisaj za szkoly", which is obviously wrong. I must have mis-read it the first time.


it is "dzisiaj". if it was a write-in test such a typo should probably be accepted, but probably is the key word, it's up to the programme itself.


Thanks! It was probably written OK in the multiple choice question, but I need to be careful about the spelling :-).


I put"ja idę do szkoły dziś" which was wrong. What is the general sentence order for polish? Subject+ verb+ time element+ object?


Well, firstly the sentence was that you're not going to school, and you wrote one saying that you are going.

Secondly... well, it's not that no one will ever use your word order, but it's rather surprising. If you talk about "today", than it's hardly a new piece of information. The new, most important information seems to be that you're not going to school. For which you'd either use "Nie idę dziś do szkoły" or "Dziś nie idę do szkoły".


I used the latter example and got marked wrong for it, for some reason..


I checked, and it is on the list of accepted answers. It should have worked.


For some reason I forgot the polish word for 'I am going' so I hovered above it with my mouse. The answer it showed was 'nie zamierzam'. When I used that in my answer it was wrong though.


Well, the hints system is surely imperfect, and the fact that it favors multi-part hints is sometimes problematic. Also, this hint comes from the English for Polish course, which teaches it to use Future Tense in English.

"nie zamierzam" translates more literally to "I do not intend". It's the "going to" as in "I am going to throw a party on Saturday" or "They're going to cook dinner tomorrow". Nothing to do with actual movement, it's just accidentally the same phrase in English.


also, would you recommend that I do the English for Polish course? Because I've now done the Polish for English course three times, and I do not really think I'm learning much anymore.


It sure is worth a try, although remember what the course actually is - it's a course teaching English to Polish people, its foundations are completely different, and some things will be different than here.


What is wrong with "Nie idę do szkoły dziś"?


It emphasizes "today" strongly, which I really don't recommend, but I guess I can add it.

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