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  5. "When were you born?"

"When were you born?"

Translation:Pryd caethoch chi eich geni?

June 7, 2016



For which question words would the first letter of "gaethoch" be dropped?


gaethoch is a mutated form of caethoch - the g- would not be dropped because you can't mutate a word twice over.

To be strictly correct, there should in any case be no mutation after pryd?, ble/lle?, pam?, sut? (how?):

  • Pryd caethoch chi'ch geni
  • Pryd cest ti dy eni?
  • Sut roedd y cyfarfod?
  • Pam rwyt ti wedi symud i Bont-y-pŵl?

But in the informal registers of the language, people very often do mutate after pryd in particular. In this course, the mutated forms after pryd...? are accepted.

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