"Cheaper, but not worse."

Translation:Tańsza, ale nie gorsza.

June 7, 2016

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whats the difference between this and "Tansze, ale nie gorsze"?

  • tańsi, ale nie gorsi [oni: plural masculine; in Polish: 'liczba mnoga, rodzaj męskoosobowy'] np. oni (mężczyźni, pracownicy) są tańsi, ale nie gorsi.
  • tańsze, ale nie gorsze [one: plural feminine & neuter, in Polish: 'liczba mnoga, rodzaj niemęskoosobowy'] np. one (kobiety, dzieci, produkty, towary, rowery) są tańsze, ale nie gorsze.


Without a context it can be not only what Viersch already mentioned, but also singular neuter 'ono': tańsze, ale nie gorsze drzewo (a cheaper, but not worse tree).

Oh, and also don't forget that 'plural masculine' is in fact only for masculine or mixed groups of people, other masculine nouns go to the second plural (I call it masculine personal vs not masculine-personal).


Can't you use "a nie gorsi" instead of "ale nie gorsi"?


Bug: no audio for 'tańsze'. (I had to pick 'tańsze, ale nie gorsze' as the correct choice')


The expected answer will now be "tańsza", which has audio.

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