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"Der Rock von dem Mädchen ist groß und weiß."

Translation:The girl's skirt is large and white.

January 28, 2013



Is it correct to say "von dem" instead of "vom"?


But: Using dative in this form is considered bad manner in German. It's better to use the genitive here: Der Rock des Mädchens ist groß und weiß.


I think you meant genitive.


Of course I did. Sorry.


Use of the genitive case is considered a bit stilted nowadays. Most people would use the dative case (as in this example)...


I thought this could also be "The skirt BY the girl is large and white", meaning that the skirt was near the girl, but I got it wrong. Is there something wrong with my sentence or should it be accepted?


It means: "The skirt of the girl is...." It belongs to the girl or at least is being worn by the girl. There is no place involved. It is possessive.

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