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  5. "Everyone calls me that."

"Everyone calls me that."

Übersetzung:Alle nennen mich so.

January 27, 2014

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Wer kann mir folgendes erläutern? Wiese wird hier call zu colls? "Everyone calls me that" wieso nicht "Everyone call me that"


Third person singular: “Everyone calls me that.” Imperative: “Everyone, call me that” or to make it very clear that it is an order (imperative) “Everyone! Call me that please”.


“Alle rufen mich so“, wäre exakter, oder ?


Nein, es geht nicht darum ihn nur so zu rufen sondern ihn so zu nennen was sehr viel mehr einschließt zB lästern


Can heißen be used here?


I'd recommend against using it. Today, "heißen" is usually only used in the sense of "to be called". The construction "Jemanden etwas heißen" (to call sb. sth.) exists, but it's dated and using it in a normal conversation sounds stilted. It's one of those expressions old professors and accomplished writers tend to use abundantly. Most of the time, it's much better to use "jdn. etw. nennen".


Wäre " everyone calls me so" akzeptabel ?


Hätte ich auch gesagt


No, it doesn't really work in English: it just sounds like you're saying your name is "so"! Using "so" in English to mean "in that way" or "like that" is actually not all that common, but mostly occurs in a few phrases: for example, "just so", "and so on", "and so forth". You can also say something like "Stretch out your fingers like so" (when you're demonstrating a hand movement to someone).


Jedermann ruft mich so


Die antwort ist richtig


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