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Polish number system

Cześć! Does anyone have a good resource on the polish number system?

Edit: this was added to a compilation of recommended Polish discussions, and after making this, I found some good resources:

Use these to learn the rules: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_grammar#Numbers_and_quantifiers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_morphology#Numbers_and_quantifiers

Use this to find out how å number is declined: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/jeden#Polish

Good luck to the others learning the Polish number system and the language in general!

June 7, 2016



Thank you very much!


"Nie ma za co" (or in short "nmzc"), "Proszę bardzo".


Minor thing - in Polish the answer for 'Thank you' is 'Nie ma za co' - lit.'There is nothing for'. 'You're welcome' translated literaly to Polish is weird.


Haha, ok thank you, I am not fluent in Polish, all tips are greatly appreciated.


I'll chip in here and offer a bit more precision to this explanation: "Zapraszamy" means "we are inviting you" (can have a few meanings depending on context). "Nie ma za co" literally means "There is nothing for what (to thank)"


'proszę' is the reply I hear the most in Poland


I have a polish dictionary that goes pretty in depth about the number system. You can get it from Chapters for less than $20


I still turn numbers around in German. If I hear a date or a number I am still interpreting it when the speaker has moved along quite far. In Polish? Oh my goodness. I can't imagine trying to follow a history lecture with all the dates, for example...this will be an incredible mountain to climb.

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