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"¿Eres el autor de este libro?"

Translation:Are you the author of this book?

January 28, 2013



Why not 'esto' instead of 'este'?


Because libro is masculine. Esto is used for words of unknown gender. :)


bas89- I disagree. Esto, as a pronoun is never used with a noun. It's neutral and means this or that. You should have answered to drgrimy, that esto can't go with libro, because it's a pronoun, not an adjective.


esto is neuter and is used with nouns of unknown gender, like the pronoun "it" if you don't know what "it" means. por ejemplo: to say "that is scary" and you don't know what it is, you would use the neuter "eso" for that. if you knew that, say whatever it is, is masculine, you would use "ese" hope this helps


drgrimy- because este is a demonstrative adjective and goes with a noun / este perro. esto is a demonstrative pronoun and is neutral EX : this is a new product / esto es un nuevo producto. That is not possible (that can't be) / ésto no puede ser.


I have seen this done both ways, and I'm really confused by it. One of the sentences supplied by the program said "estos pajaros" (sorry, too lazy to do the accents) but other places I've seen it this way. Was their sentence wrong or is the neutral sometimes used for masculine?


homefire- with estos pájaros, it's because it's the plural form of este / esta and it's a demonstrative adjective, it goes with the noun. But It couldn't be éstos pájaros, because éstos is a demonstrative pronoun, and is neutral, and take place as a subject or an object. EX : estos hombres son abogados (demonstrative adjective) / these men are lawyers. These men are police officers but éstos are lawyers.


hmm, actually I cannot distinguish the difference between "Él es" and "Eres" ... They sound the same to me..


I can't tell "her" el es from eres. I keep getting these wrong; it so frustrating. Even in the turtle mode, it's impossible to tell.


I can always tell in the turtle mode. She does space the words then, so if there's a space, it's el es. If it all runs together, it's eres. There are quite a few words that are completely overlapped and blurred in the normal speed audio.


A trick i use is "this and these have T's" so when you would translate using this or these it would be esta, este or esto instead of esa, ese or eso


The word this, was not an option


Ho would I say " you are the author of this book"


miesske33: You are the author of this book = 1. Usted es el autor de este libro. 2. Tú eres el autor de este libro. 3. Eres el autor de este libro.


Gracias !, So if I look at your answer nr 3. Can I conclude that "You are the author of this book" and " Are you the author of this book " can be written the same way, except for the question marks?


'Are you the book's author?' Is not accepted. Why?


ESTE means THIS, not THE


This might be dumb but I have a question. Is este used here because of book being an "it"?


No, "este" is the masc. sing. adj. for "this," and it can go with things and people. este hombre, este coche, este niño, este pingüino


Does anyone know of a jingle or something to help me remember.. este, esta, aqui, eso and such this that there here those .. I keep getting mixed up


Amnesty sham shall mayhem iridium judgeship iament dirndl NV juridical di stiffly if for elf rod did smack mr di hg


If "este el" means "are you", how do you say "is he?"


este el?, "este el" means "this he" and isn't correct, and "is he" is said "él es" or "es él" i'm spanish so, if my english is bad is because of that, LOL


I'm just starting to learn Spanish XD


how do i put on the accents?


This sentence came up wrong before I had said the first syllable. It happens frequently.


"Él es" and "eres" sound the same. :-(


Why not, " Are you the book's author"?

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