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  5. "Ddoe, dw i wedi yfed coffi."

"Ddoe, dw i wedi yfed coffi."

Translation:Yesterday, I have drunk coffee.

June 7, 2016



English 'drank' is correct here.


Surely "had" would be more appropriate?


Thanks for pointing out the awkward English. This default translation has now been changed to 'Yesterday, I drank coffee'.

('I had drunk...' would actually require a different tense in Welsh, the pluperfect - ro'n i wedi yfed....)


The Welsh too is awkward in my view. Should be "Ddoe yfes i goffi" since yesterday is over and done with. If want you really want is (as I suspect) to test the construction "I have drunk" then you should really choose a sentence like "Dwi wedi yfed coffi heno" (I've drunk coffee tonight), which makes sense since tonight is still ongoing.


Did put in that response, but it still marks me as wrong.

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