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Curious. . . . . . .

I've been learning Polish for a while, and the results so far have been really odd. My grammar is awful, but I can read and understand Polish quite well. My vocabularly is extensive, but I can't spell. I'm not that interested in writing Polish.. . . . . I've done six levels in one evening but I struggle with the spelling.

I can translate from the Polish to the English relatively easily, but can't write. I quess its the way I've learnt.

Duolingo forces to develop your skills across the full range, reading, writing and while this has been very useful to me so far, I feel that I'm concentrating on something that is not really of interest to me, and not much use to me.~

Any body get the same sense?

June 7, 2016



If you are in the US, Mango is another great resource with a lot of languages if you just want to learn to speak the language, not write it. It also explains in detail grammar. I love Duolingo btw, but you need to supplement it.


Yes this is true, I think duo is good when you are not a real beginner, but like a intermediate beginner, i you understand, what I mean...


Don't do six levels in one evening! It is better to do a level over a week, each level gets even harder... Because then you would actually learn the language! Pozdrawiam!


I'm going throught the levels quickly because I understand the Polish - I am just not confident with the details, which is different from being able to unable to understand or speak Polish.


And do it consistently:):):)


Well I've hit 9 and will go through 10 tomorrow - which is not to bad for two days. I think I can hit 15 - 20 by the weekend. We will see. It's strange most of it I can hit straight of the bat as I have the vocabulary, I get more confused with the English than I do with the Polish!!!

A few of the lessons have been a bit sticky but most have been quite easy. I though they would get more difficult as I've progressed, but, surprisingly I have not felt challenged yet.


ok do whatever you want but you're going pretty fast for a beginner!:)


I'm not a beginner with Polish - I'm just new to duolingo


oh ok, good luck in your futur language studies:)


I am struggling with the same problems while learning French. What helps me learn proper spelling is watching TV series or movies with subtitles in the same language. I also think that Duo puts little focus on teaching you how to write in the language you learn. It teaches you understanding the written language in the first place. The secondary skills you get here are speaking and understanding the natives speaking. But you won't learn much writing without additional exercises. I think it is because the ability to write in a foreign language is the least important for the most of people who start learning that language (but there are always some exceptions of course).

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