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"He reads an American magazine."

Translation:Anh ấy đọc tạp chí Mỹ.

June 7, 2016



Wouldn't "Anh ấy đọc tạp chí Mỹ" translate to "He reads the American magazine", as per the Basics 1 notes?


Can anyone reply this question? I also don't see why this reply is valid for the translation of "he read an American magazine"


I am not 100% sure but to make it "the" you have to have the classifier "cuon" in this case. Or it can be either "the" or "a" depending on the context


An=1=một. Should this be. "Anh ấy đọc một tạp chí My."?


First time I have seen the word "cuốn", is it an identifier? If so, what type of items is it used with?


Yes, it is used for documents and stories, according to Wiktionary.


This is the first time in this lesson we aren't asked to use 'mot' in a sentence with "a" or "an" - why is this?

[deactivated user]

    Just so your know báo also means newspaper to anyone


    Does somebody know where does the word Mỹ come from?


    I did not research this extensively, but my guess is that it comes from the Chinese word for "America", which extends to the United States itself: "Měiguo", where "guo" means "land" or "country". The Vietnamese "Mỹ" must come from the Chinese "Měi".

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