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"Do you want to have a discussion with the designer?"

Translation:Bạn có muốn thảo luận với nhà thiết kế không?

June 8, 2016



can someone explain to me why the : co : is before muon ?


I'd rather say is paired with không to form a yes/no question. literally, you ask "you do want a discussion with the designer, or don't?" with "có" and "không" being possible answers to the question.

  • bạn muốn thảo luận với nhà thiết kế không?
  • , tôi muốn. yes, I do (want to).
  • không, tôi không muốn. no, I don't (want to).

beside, in a yes/no question is not mandatory. however, leaving it out makes your sentence somewhat casual and informal. I do not recommend it when talking with elders (by elder I mean anyone who is older than you besides friends and siblings), strangers, boss, teachers, etc.


Good question! "Có" literally means to have or to own (something). "Muốn" literally means to want (something) and "có muốn" is another version of it. In this case if you take "có" out of the sentence it still means the same thing, "Bạn muốn thảo luận với nhà thiết kế không?"


The có really combines with muốn in order to produce somewhat of an idiomatic expression: "to have want for...". Really, the flow with có increases, and without it, the flow is clunky-sounding—at least to me.


"Có" is like "do" Like when you say i DO want, means tôi CÓ muốn.

But you don't say I DO want in Vietnamese, you just say it in questions:

Bạn có muốn...không?

Just think it like this:

You do want... or not?

Hope this helps!


This was a very helpful discussion. I have been wondering about the usage of co...khong for a while. All the comments here were excellent and clear. Thank you.

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