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"Kiam infanoj lernas skribi, ili ofte kopias literojn."

Translation:When children learn to write, they often copy letters.

June 8, 2016



Don't we ALL "copy letters" when we write? I mean, it isn't restricted to children or learners, is it?


Children in this context do not recognise what they copy as letters. They tend to regard the letter o as a circle, l as a long bar, b as a long bar with a circle etc -- yes, they copy letters as if they were copying paintings. If one uses a textbook in a serif font to teach children, they might copy the serifs as well; I actually did this when I began learning English at 6 or 7 -- keeping drawing the small dot in the upper left of the letter 'a'.


hmm. What exactly does "copy letters" mean? Look at the letters and try to recreate them?

kio signifas eksakte "kopias literojn"? Rigardi literojn kaj provi rekrei ilin?


That's how I interpret it.

They see a triangle with two long legs at the bottom and try to draw a shape that looks like it: an A.

The see a line with two loops at the side and try to draw a shape that looks like it: a B.



I keep using 'right' instead of 'write' and it sucks.


dangit, I mess things up like this all the time. It's annoying but at least I usually catch it before I send the message/hit enter.

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