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  5. "Trzymam portfel w plecaku."

"Trzymam portfel w plecaku."

Translation:I keep my wallet in my backpack.

June 8, 2016



It's not mentioned in the sentence who owns the backpack or the wallet.


Yes, as it would sound strange in Polish. But English uses my/your/his etc. constantly, no matter how obvious that is, so 'the', 'a' and 'my' - they all should be accepted. Was any of them not accepted?


My mistake - I didn't use any of them.


Hi. In the word selection version (Android) there's one "my" and one "the". So it has to be "my wallet in the backpack" or vice-versa, which sounds a bit weird.


I guess I can make it "my wallet in my backpack" for consistency.


I'm not sure enough to report so I'll ask here: Could I say "I hold the wallet in the backpack"? I mean, can "hold" be used here?


I suppose that "keep" would fit better.


I know keep sounds more natural, but just out of curiosity, I am wondering if hold could also be used in this context ;)

As in "to enclose and keep in a container or within bounds" Link


Hi. Not really, we hold something in our hand(s), but keep something in a wallet or backpack.

The meaning you are quoting (from Merriam-Webster - see below) refers to how much of something can be kept in a container or bounded area, not to where you keep something. And it is the container that "holds" something, not the person. Note that they give "contain" as a synonym.

"a :  to enclose and keep in a container or within bounds : (contain)
the jug holds one gallon
this corral will not hold all of the horses"


Incidentally, these embedded links are not usable from the app; I had to Google this. Full web addresses (which Duo automatically turns into links) are more universally usable.


Hi Kaito -no, we wouldn't say hold in this context. It would imply that you have your hand inside the backpack and the wallet in your hand ☺


Can you add "I keep my wallet in my knapsack"?


"I keep a wallet in my bag?"


Hmm... okay, I guess people can use "bag" for a backpack... let's add it.


Why not : Czy mam portfel w plecaku ?


That's "Do I have a wallet in my backpack?"

Czy mam and trzymam should be pronounced differently.

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